Dogs in Brazil is a registered non profit charity in Brazil running a small shelter. We are hoping to expand with time.

We are currently responsible for 32 dogs. The blog (link below) tells of our oddysey through a disaster to finally receiving our charity status after eleven years of rescue.

All pictures on the Dogs in Brazil page on Facebook are the property of Janice Cabral and cannot be reproduced or used without permission.


Facebook Page

Greek Animal Rescue is a UK based registered charity (No:802243) which aims to help the abused, neglected, stray and injured animals of Greece.

GAR was founded in 1989 and works to alleviate the suffering of animals in Greece by supporting a number of animal shelters, sterilising as many dogs & cats as funds allow and finding homes for the lucky few in the UK and several other EU countries.

Greek Animal Rescue aims: To expand rescue work through the shelters we support To provide needy animals with necessary treatment and care To rehome as many animals as possible To fund spay and neuter projects To advance public education of animal welfare.

Greek Animal Rescue

Helping dogs and cats in Sri-Lanka

A daily struggle for survival faces many Sri Lankan dogs & cats living on the streets. Entire lives spent without any positive human contact, basic shelter or veterinary care. Suffering hunger, constant torment from preventable and treatable skin conditions or parasitic infections. Dogs & cats at risk of being trapped in illegal snares, injured in fights over territory, contracting sexually transmitted diseases or being exposed to fatal diseases like Rabies and the horror of being struck by vehicles and left to die by the roadside.

Dogstar Foundation